Contact Information

Erin is so inspired by the emotions, structures, and colors of a person's face that she needs to capture it and repeat it in paint.  She has had her art exhibited in galleries and peoples' homes. If Erin isn't painting for herself, she is working on commission pieces for patrons.  She resides in Southern California where she has been able to broaden her skills and continue to create.  

To view Erin's work you may find her on various social medias.  You can type her username "erin518boyle" on Instagram or search "Paintings by Erin Boyle" on Facebook.  You may message her on any aforementioned social platforms if interested in purchasing a piece or hiring her to do commisson work.  Or, finally, you may email her at


Instagram:  erin518boyle

Facebook:  Paintings by Erin Boyle

If interested in pricing of any pieces on site, please inquire.